May 21, 2006

My mother shot one of these nuns in the head...

...with a stone and a slingshot. I'm telling the truth.

"The Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul"-- they ran the school my mother attended as a girl. Although my mother got along well with the other Sisters, she intensely disliked their superior. So, one day mom shot at Sister's "paper airplane" right outside the front door of the church. The poor Sister thought bees were attacking, and went into a panic, shrieking and waving her arms frantically while ducking and bobbing.

When the "Daughters of Charity" were still wearing the "paper airplanes", they had to carry clothespins with them wherever they went to hold the "wings" in a folded up position inside cars, buses, trains, elevators, etc. The paper airplanes required heavy liquid starching and pressing by hand.

The Sisters (whose order originated in France) eventually asked the French clothing designer Christian Dior to fashion a modern habit for them. In the group photo below, the Sister farthest to the right appears to have a habit with box pleats from the waist downward-- that would be the "original" by Dior. The dark-skinned Sister next to her seems to have no pleats. However (except for the sweaters) they all appear from the waist upwards to be wearing the same habit Dior invented for them.

Much less of a target for my mother now....


Anonymous Andrew S. said...

I had a great aunt whose was part of that order. (I think it was that order). I never knew her because she died of leukemia before I was born. My dad told me that he never, not once, saw her hair. The only hair he saw was on the edges of the head covering. Isn't that weird? To never see the hair of one of your relatives?

9:35 AM  
Blogger glorybe said...

Well, that one in the center of the black and white photo does look pretty dour. Perhaps it is the change of habit that makes them smile now. LOL

3:00 PM  
Blogger Rick Lugari said...

Funny. Definitely a story worth passing onto your children. With the "do not attempt it yourself" disclaimer, of course. Which shouldn't be that big of a problem, because these days it's hard to pick a nun out of the crowd. ;)

3:23 PM  

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