May 10, 2006

A Syrian Catholic asks for our prayers

Zouheir Mansourati said...

It's good to see the history of the Eucharistic Liturgy briefly, yet clearly, described and made available to the "masses".

As a Syrian Catholic and native of the Middle East, it is especially important for me that people understand the eastern origins of the western church and to realize that these churches are alive and working hard to survive... Therefore, when Catholics in the US think of Irak, Syria, or Lebanon, they should keep in mind that they have brothers and sisters there in need of their prayers and support.

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Zouheir Mansourati wrote that as a comment on my post, "The Family Tree of the Eucharistic Liturgy".
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Blogger dilexitprior said...

This made me think of a seminarian I shared my umbrella with at World Youth Day. He said he was one of three Catholic seminarians from his whole country (Armenia) and the only one at WYD. He was feeling a little lonely in the midst of busloads of Italian seminarians. I only spoke with him for a few minutes but I have kept him in my prayers since meeting him.

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