May 19, 2006

Why slander, calumniate and discredit the Church?

A number of Catholic clerics are infamously guilty of grave sins.

We Catholics hold that priests and bishops are “sacraments in person”— signs and instruments of Christ as “Prophet, Priest and King” as the rite of ordination reminds us.

We Catholics must be the first to uphold a grave respect for those injured and scandalized by the hellish perpetrations of some of our clergy.

The scandal makes the Church appear filled with hypocrisy in the eyes of those who do not have faith.

Archbishop Angelo Amato, secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, speaking last Wednesday on Vatican Radio, said the Catholic Church is the only remaining institution with a worldwide voice that openly defends moral principles that are universally basic to humanity:
"the Church is today the only institution
that clearly and explicitly protects human life from the beginning until death,
that protects the family,
that says a clear word on topics of sexual and bioethical ethics,
that proposes the values of the Ten Commandments."

We Catholics must nonetheless face and deal with the fact that some of our own sacramental “Prophets, Priests and Kings” are horrendously guilty of compromising the sexual ethics the Church’s teachings defend.

This may be the kind of demon that is cast out only by prayer and fasting.


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