June 13, 2006

If you use their search engine (powered by Google), it will cost you nothing; but it generates donations to pro-life organizations.

[Information from their website]

About ProLifeSearch.com

ProLifeSearch.com is the “Web’s First Pro-Life Search Engine.”™ Search the Web just like you would with Yahoo or Google.

We donate money to Pro-Life charities, and you will never have to donate any of your own money.

To make sure this is crystal clear: We make all of the donations from revenue generated from our site. You never have to donate any of your own money to make this happen.

Here’s how it works.
It’s simple:

1. You use ProLifeSearch.com for searching, news, shopping, information, and other regular Internet activity.
2. Revenue generated from user activity is donated to approved pro-life charities. Currently, we donate a minimum of 50% of all net profits.

3. You do not have to register to use ProLifeSearch.com, but if you choose to register you will have the chance for our donations to be made in your name, or the name/honor/memory of someone special to you.

What are these Sponsored Links?
These are paid advertisements. Revenue from advertisers is how we generate money for pro-life donations.

What’s the catch?
There is no catch and there are no strings: you don’t have to donate any of your own money.

Is it safe for my family to use ProLifeSearch.com?
Absolutely. At ProLifeSearch.com we use a special program filter called SafeSearch. With SafeSearch, sites and web pages containing adult themed and explicit sexual content are excluded from web search results.

Do I have to provide my personal information to use ProLifeSearch.com?

Who is ProLifeSearch.com?
We’re a privately-held company in Chicago, Illinois, founded and managed by two guys who both try hard everyday to be the good Catholic boys their mothers always hoped they’d be.
Click HERE for it.


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