July 23, 2006


The U.S. Episcopalian denomination has 108 dioceses.

Following the election of Gene Robinson (New Hampshire) as the world’s first openly gay head of any Anglican-Episcopalian diocese, the number of U.S. Episcopalians to leave that denomination between the years 2003 and 2004 was equivalent to the size of four U.S Episcopalian dioceses. Those numbers are documented by “The Church of England Newspaper” in an article that can be read by clicking on:

A few days ago (July 20) the Anglican website “virtueonline.org” reported that six U.S. Episcopalian dioceses are now officially asking to be removed from the oversight of the U.S. Episcopalian system. This follows the U.S. Episcopalian national body’s decision a few weeks ago to: (1) have a pro-gay woman as its head bishop; (2) refuse to consider a resolution affirming that Jesus Christ is the unique and universal Lord and Savior. The webpage report can be read by clicking on:


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