July 31, 2006

Father and Son!

[I came across this on markshea.blogspot.com.]

Dick Hoyt is a father who wins an Olympic gold medal from my heart.

His son Rick was born as a non-speaking, spastic quadriplegic person with cerebral palsy.

To watch a heartwarming short video about their shared athletic exploits, click on the following image.

Rick Hoyt, communicating through an electronic device, has said,
"I wish I could be an athlete.
But if I could have anything I wanted,
I'd ask my dad to sit down for a while.
Then I'd push him around."

Visit Team Hoyt's own website.
Click HERE for it.


Blogger dilexitprior said...

I watched a documentary on this family. Really incredible. Talk about love. . .

10:55 PM  

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