July 07, 2006

The Holy Grail in Valencia

On Saturday, July 7, Pope Benedict XVI will be in Valencia, Spain, where he will venerate the chalice traditionally held to be the one Christ used at the Last Supper.

Archaeological study concludes that the three sections of the chalice are from three distinct historical periods.

The three sections are:
(1) the gold mounting from between A.D. 1200 and 1350;
(2) the stone base from between A.D. 900 and 1100;
(3) the stone cup from between 200 B.C. and A.D. 100.
The stone cup is similar to ones made in the same period in Egypt or Palestine for use in solemn feasts and the households of the rich.

Zenit has an article telling more.
Click HERE for it.


Anonymous Andrew said...

So is it really the Holy Grail? King Authur and his knights seemed to have been searching in all the wrong places! They should have gone to Spain. I never realized that the Holy Grail still existed. Shows my Catholic education...

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Bob Farrell said...

Wow...mebbe someone should make a movie about it!!!!

I will make sure my students know about this.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Panda Rosa said...

Did they have any trouble with the Flying Killer Rabbit that guards the Grail? From the photo, John Paul must have charmed it, or used the Holy Hand Grenade, or something...

9:21 PM  

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