July 15, 2006

The “St. Benedict Patron of Europe Association”

A.S.B.P.E. (Associatio Sanctus Benedictus Patronus Europae)

The A.S.B.P.E. was established in 1967.

On July 11, 1988 the Pontifical Council for the Laity issued a decree recognizing the A.S.B.P.E. as an international association of the faithful of Pontifical Right.

The A.S.B.P.E. has a two-fold mission:
to maintain awareness of the impetus St. Benedict gave to all the peoples of Europe, to the Christian European order and its spiritual unity;

to promote and disseminate Christian culture in a spiritually united Europe.

Inspired by the monastic regulations of St. Benedict, A.S.B.P.E. members aspire to put nothing before Christ and unconditionally to obey the commandments of God. They nurture their personal prayer and lives by assiduous reading of Holy Scripture, and the writings of the Western and Eastern Fathers. They devote themselves to the Church, to the defense of its rights and the cultivation of its traditions. They take active roles in the sacramental and liturgical life of their own local Church, and undertake to help it meet its needs.

The support the Church hierarchy, promote the unity of Christians in the Catholic Church, study the Church's social teaching, defend the sanctity of the family, assist in the development and existence of the Catholic school as an effective means of disseminating Christian culture.

They also promote the use of the Latin language, which was once the common language of Europe in the fields of communication, culture, science and education.

A.S.B.P.E. is governed by a steering committee of 12 members including a president, two vice presidents and a general secretary. The committee has several duties, including organizing annual international congresses in conjunction with Benedictine abbeys on issues relating to Christian life in Europe.

Members of the A.S.B.P.E. living in the same city or region meet in local groups. As far as possible, all the members establish spiritual relations by becoming oblates of Benedictine monasteries.

From the Directory of International Associations of the Faithful, published by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.


Anonymous Bob Farrell said...

Is there an organization like this in the U.S.?

An American counterpart would obviously not have cultural roots aspect of ASBPE, but I can definitely think of some positive aspects of an organization in which oblates can be in community outside of their chosen abbeys.

2:42 PM  
Blogger Father Stephanos, O.S.B. said...

Bob, you can write to the following woman who is a member of the directing committee of A.S.B.P.E.

Dott.ssa Maddalena Gasperi
Membro del Comitato di direzione
Piazza Albania, 10
00153 Roma

8:57 PM  

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