August 20, 2006

The "illicit" but also "invalid" ordinations of Catholic women as priests

In the Catholic Church the sacrament of ordination is an alteration of the soul of the one ordained, not just a granting of delegation to exercise ritual functions.

The mainstream media report that the Catholic Church holds the ordination of women to be illicit, meaning "against the rules".

However, the Catholic Church also acknowledges such ordinations to be invalid sacraments; and the media do not seem to have grasped what that means even when they quote the word "invalid".

An invalid sacrament is analogous to a "sex-change" operation: through surgery and the taking of hormones, a sex-change occurs in the physical appearances of the individual, though genetically no change takes place.

An invalid sacrament, such as an invalid ordination, is one in which the appearances of a sacrament are in place, but no sacrament has really occured.

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The organization that calls itself "Roman Catholic Womenpriests" has a website that tells outright historical LIES.

Earlier this month I posted an exposé.
Click HERE for it.


Blogger Kevin said...

You know it and we know it. The Church gets the same attention in media world as lives of celebrities. It isn't a wonder that they report this pretend ordination the way they do.

The 'womenpriest' website seems to be taking lessons from Dan Brown on messing with history.

11:16 AM  

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