October 24, 2006

Are believers delusional?


Blogger Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

Why do people of faith even care? No amount of evidence will ever suffice. It doesn't matter that most of all the most brilliant minds in virtually all fields were
men and women of faith in some type of religion.
What's the old saying?
"I know what I believe,don't confuse me with the facts"!
LORD have Mercy!

5:16 PM  
Anonymous keith said...

Of course, I always come back to the old adage:

For the atheist, no evidence is sufficient; for the faithful, no evidence is necessary.

In answer to Matthew, I would say that it is part of the responsibility of people of faith to at least confront ignorance of God and try to eradicate it.

Atheism is also, as this debate shows, intellectually dishonest. Dawkins spends all of his time dismissing arguments against free will "I have no interest in free will" and downplaying the great horrors committed by anti-religious atheists (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot), while accusing religious people of being "dangerous" and "unbalanced."

Here is the problem, the one place the Quinn missed an opportunity.

If there is no God, no first cause, then we are all simply the result of our genes. The "environment" as it is, which Dawkins admits has an impact, is merely the result of the genes of other living beings. Therefore, nothing we do is driven by an internal force within our control.

Dawkins talks about "science" looking for answers, but "science" can't find answers because the genes of the world are going to direct "science" to the answer that will allow the world to continue in the way it does. There is no "intelligence," only genetic sequences that are more adept at reacting in what must be called psuedo-intelligence. In essense, human beings are nothing more than very well programmed computers. Consciousness doesn't exist, it's a genetic illusion.

Now, since all of this is inherent in the argument of the atheists, in fact religion has no bearing on war at all, since the only reason people are religious is that their genes make them so, and since there genes make them so, it's probably because the genes "want" the war for biological reasons.

5:53 AM  

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