October 28, 2006

BEST ROMAN MOMENT: Gregorian Chant with the Benedictine Monks

Gregorian chant

Every Sunday evening at 7.15, as the bells toll, Benedictine monks file into the church of Sant’Anselmo on the Aventine Hill to sing vespers. The music, dating back to the early centuries of the church and of the city, is exquisite. It is a moment of pure Roman theatre. As they file out again in silence at the end, the congregation filters away into the Roman evening, where the distant dome of St Peter’s can be seen against a darkening sky.
You'll find that paragraph on the third page of an article on the the best things about the city of Rome.

Sant'Anselmo is the church of the international headquarters of the Abbot Primate of the Order of Saint Benedict. It's where I went to school in Rome.

The best of Rome
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled into Sant'Anselmo two years ago, and was caught chanting in the empty church by a couple of the brothers.... I proceeded to buy two of my favorite chant CDs from their giftshop. :)

9:44 PM  

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