October 26, 2006

Future of Anglicanism: three choices

From "An Address for Convocation," Nashotah House seminary
25th October A.D. 2006
by Robert William Duncan
Anglican Bishop of Pittsburgh
Moderator of the Anglican Communion Network

"The first choice is for Truth over accommodation. For everyone in this hall we are continuing to deal with choosing Jesus first: Jesus above culture, Jesus above comfort, Jesus above property, Jesus above family and friends, Jesus above any other security, Jesus above a wayward North American Church. We are here to confirm our choice for Truth above accommodation. This is the evangelical choice."

"The second choice is for Accountability over autonomy. There are lots of fragments in this hall: fragments of congregations, fragments of dioceses, fragments of denomination. Freedom, like Truth, is a passion that all of us share. But the vast danger here is that we will get stuck in our freedom Forty years of Anglican splits and splinters tells the story only too well. Autonomy is every bit as much a danger as accommodation. We are here to make a choice for Accountability over autonomy. This is the catholic choice."

"The third choice is for the Mission over sullen inaction. Is your congregation a church-planting congregation? Is your congregation partnered with a Global South diocese? Is your congregation functioning in local needs-based evangelism? Are you personally engaged in a Matthew 25 ministry? Have you personally led anyone else to saving faith in Jesus Christ? Have you challenged those around you to "Choose This Day?" Are you trapped in "ain't it awful?" or "what can we possibly do?" or the escape of self-absorption? We are Holy Spirit people: people who have been gifted, "charismed." We are here to elect Mission over sullen inaction. This is the charismatic choice."

His complete text is online.
Click HERE for it.


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