October 21, 2006

He was Aragorn. Now he comes as Alatriste.

Viggo Mortensen spent childhood years in Venezuela and Argentina.

He speaks Spanish with the accent of a native Argentinian.

If you click HERE, you will arrive at a video clip of Mortensen in an interview in Spain about his role as Capitán Alatriste.

The interview is entirely in Spanish.

The Spanish-language movie "Alatriste" opened in Spain last month.

Apparently the movie and Mortensen are both making an impact in Europe.

Click on the following image to view a trailer for "Alatriste."

Click here to read a synopsis of the movie.

The movie is based on a wildly popular Spanish novel, Capitán Alatriste.

It is available in English as "Captain Alatriste."

The Washington Post published a review of the book last year. Click HERE to read the review.


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