October 25, 2006

Life after Mother Teresa

Her religious order thrives in its mission to the poorest.

"When Mother Teresa died, skeptics asked how the congregation she founded would be able to carry on the austere legacy she had handed on to her nuns."

The journalist who wrote an article in the current issue of the National Catholic Register doesn't seem to be aware of something that every religious order has: a constitution. Such a document spells out the details of daily life. The journalist writes almost as if the way of life of the Missionaries of Charity was determined by the personal preferences of Mother Teresa only while she was alive.

No. While Blessed Teresa's preferences and inspirations may have been the creative determining factor for the way of life of her religious order, that way of life was then reviewed by Blessed Teresa, other members of her religious order, and the Vatican. Final decisions for the way of life were then codified in the written constitution of the Missionaries of Charity religious order. Any changes can only be made by discussion and consultation at various levels within the order and the Church.

By the way, the Missionaries of Charity do not only serve the poor. They also worship and pray together and alone several times a day. The amount of prayer they offer up totals to over two hours a day.

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Blogger beez said...

How many non-Catholics also fail to realize that there is another, extremely important author of the constitutions of these orders: The Holy Ghost.

I believe firmly that nothing happens in the Church without the consent of God through the Holy Spirit, because the Church is without error.

Alas, maybe if people understood this...

12:07 PM  
Anonymous woHot said...

I have also read that the Order credits its increase in numbers to their devotion to Eucharistic Adoration and praying the Rosary--something Mother started many years ago on a weekly basis then a daily basis.

5:54 AM  

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