November 18, 2006

'LISTEN, MY SON-- St. Benedict for Fathers"

Dwight Longenecker's book includes the whole Rule of St. Benedict broken down into daily readings. Longenecker wrote a commentary for each day’s reading applying Benedict’s practical wisdom to the joys, stresses and trials of modern family life. It’s called ‘St Benedict for Fathers’ but it can be used as a daily reader for all parents. Longenecker is a Benedictine oblate, a layman who has associated himself spiritually to a particular monastery; in his case, Downside Abbey in England. This book came out of his own experience of trying to live out the Benedictine rule as a layman, husband and father.

Longenecker was a American Evangelical who became an Anglican, and then was ordained as an Anglican.

He has converted to Catholicism, and is to be ordained a priest next month.

More information about him and his books on his blog.
Click HERE for it.


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