November 16, 2006

The Memorial of St. Gertrude the Great, 16 November

She was a Benedictine nun of the monastery of Helfta, in Saxony. She was born on 6 January A.D. 1256, and died on 17 November A.D. 1301.

St. Gertrude wrote a book recounting her visions of Christ.

A Prayer by St. Gertrude
May my soul bless you,
O Lord God my Creator,
may my soul bless you.
From the very core of my being
may all your merciful gifts sing your praise.
Your generous care for your daughter
has been rich in mercy;
indeed it has been immeasurable,
and as far as I am able
I give you thanks.

This sainted Benedictine mystic received visions of the Wound in the Sacred Heart of Jesus almost four hundred years before St. Margaret Mary Alacoque saw the same.

More than six hundred years before St. Faustina’s Divine Mercy Prayer, St. Gertrude was already devotedly offering up Christ to the Father in atonement for sins.

Here is part of another prayer by St. Gertrude, a prayer whose echo is heard in the “Divine Mercy Chaplet.”
To make amends…
I offer you, most loving Father,
all the sufferings of your beloved Son….

To atone for all my neglect
I offer, most loving Father,
all that your only-begotten Son did….

… as an act of thanksgiving,
I praise and worship you, Father,
in deepest humility for your most loving kindness and mercy.

Atonement for our sins and worship for the Father of mercy— both atonement and worship pour out of the living Wound in the Sacred Heart of Jesus in his Holy Eucharist.

More details of her life are available at the online “Catholic Encyclopedia.”
Click HERE for it.


Anonymous m.miller said...

What about St. Margaret of Scotland?

10:57 AM  
Blogger Father Stephanos, O.S.B. said...

I leave the privilege of commemorating St. Margaret of Scotland to all worthy Scottish bloggers.

12:01 PM  

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