November 10, 2006

November 10, The Memorial of Pope Saint Leo the Great

Pope St. Leo who died in the year 461 has provided all Christianity with a foundation for reflection on this mystery of Christ-God-and-Man.

Out of St. Leo’s writings, one particular letter has proven so important for the history and tradition of our faith in Christ, that it is simply known as the “Letter” or “Tome of Leo”.

He wrote that letter (to Bishop Flavian of Constantinople) in the midst of the controversies that preceded the council held at Chalcedon in the year 451.

In that letter, Pope Leo presented a masterful formulation of what has become and remained the basis of all correct teaching on the relationship between the humanity and the divinity in Christ.

All authentically Christian reflection on Christ follows the same parameters found in the “Letter of Leo” written before July of A.D. 449.

“The Letter of Pope Leo to Flavian, Bishop of Constantinople, about Eutyches”
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