November 06, 2006

A reminder from the Pope: by unrepented grave sin a man damns himself

Infatti chi muore in peccato mortale, senza pentimento, chiuso nell’orgoglioso rifiuto dell’amore di Dio, si autoesclude dal regno della vita.

"In fact one who dies in mortal sin, without repentance, closed in the proud refusal of the love of God, shuts himself out of the kingdom of life."

Yesterday the Pope included this line during his message to the crowd that gathers on Sundays to pray the noon "Angelus" with him in St. Peter Square.

His complete message was a reflection in light of the November 2 liturgical commemoration of the departed faithful.

That's my own translation of the quote above. The Vatican website has the message only in the original Italian at this point.
Click HERE for it.


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