December 13, 2006

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Over at Matthew Lickona’s blog I noticed a link to an interview with Dr. Laura.

Whether you like her or not, go read it.
Click HERE for it.


Anonymous investigate present, too said...

Schlessinger's dishonesty continues even if she is liked. Why would genuine moral folks not research her (past & PRESENT)? The Radar interview is not "guts". It's more like a necessary PR move. Please investigate this website & all her PR moves. You can read her recent columns like "Yikes! Watch out for the union gulag" in the Santa Barbara News-Press. She is clearly against the poor & working people. She also uses the column to disparage a local philantrophist, who DOES much for those in need.
Schlessinger's so-called charity work is more like when Arianna Huffington lived here. Done for PR and self serving. It took the LA Times to investigate the (Michael) Huffington's nanny (immigration status) before they could be honest. People in Santa Barbara knew LONG before what their life actually was. Like with Schlessinger it is not what PR machines put out. These people lie in interviews & anywhere to go along with PR. Don't be shocked if it gets out about the mail order "bride"/domestic help situations in Hope Ranch. And the sex part. Also notice Schlessinger's son Deryk is under some "top secret" status. We know what the PR says. It's unfortunate when good people are naive and don't take the time to investigate & discern. If you believe Schlessinger is about morals, I have a bridge to sell you.

3:52 PM  

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