December 15, 2006

HABEMUS PAPAM. Twenty Months Later, a Portrait

Benedict XVI doesn’t seek applause, he doesn’t harangue the crowds, but he’s still extremely popular. He himself has explained his secret: it is “obedience to the truth, not to the dictatorship of popular opinion”.

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Anonymous tara said...

"Benedict XVI offers the crowds his bare words. But he is careful to direct attention toward something beyond himself."

I believe the reason our Pope is so loved is that he allows Christ to work through him. John the Baptist said, he must decrease so Christ could increase. Is it Pope Benedict we are so attracted toward or is it Christ who lives in him?

Pope Benedict comes to us with great humility--he does not try to "shine," but allows Christ to "shine" through him.

Men, in our pagan society, are constantly competing for higher positions, more status, they try to make themselves look better in the eyes of their fellow man, by manipulation of truths (lies) hype and "stepping" on others to attain higher positions. In the end, they are sad, pitable creatures.

Pope Benedict XVI is a true "hero" of our time, a great defender of God's truth. Truth is always highly attractive. Pope Benedict is a precious gift from God.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Panda Rosa said...

I can't possibly say it better.

11:14 AM  

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