March 28, 2006

Da Monkish Code

Benedictines and “Da Code” for real

Dan Brown’s fiction is that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were two Jews in love who left a secret line of descendants.

You know— the name "Benedictus" and that of his twin sister "Scholastica" were odd names for their time in Italian history (they died in 547 A.D.). However, they were not odd names for Jews who did have an ancient settlement in or near Nursia, the birthplace of Sts. Benedict and Scholastica.

And St. Benedict's term for what we call "The Divine Office" or, today, "The Liturgy of the Hours" is: OPUS DEI. Dan Brown got it wrong. "Opus Dei monks" are really Benedictines.


Further, furthermore….

St. Benedict tells monks to treat all the tools of the monastery as if they were VESSELS OF THE ALTAR. Ta-DAH! The Holy Grail! (Otherwise known as “Mary Magdalene”— according to Dan Brown.)

Further, further, furthermore….

Now, speaking as a Benedictine, I would tell you where we keep the present-day Royal Heir of Jesus and M.M. However, I'm saving that for when I write the sequel to "The Da Vinci Code."

I leave my readers to decide which of the following best applies to me:
"O.S.B." or "Oh, B. S.!"