December 09, 2006

Earlier today! The wedding of Gerald Naus and Erin Sicard!

Mr. Naus writes a well-known Catholic blog.

I had the privilege of being the celebrant for their Wedding Mass.

I have posted the homily.
Click HERE for it.

December 08, 2006


These men, God willing, will receive priestly ordination in A.D. 2010. Click on the photograph to see a larger version of it. The oldest son of one of my first degree cousins is among these men. Of the men who are standing, he is the eleventh from the left

December 07, 2006

He's getting married this Saturday.

Gerald Naus and Erin Sicard!

Gerald is a well-known Catholic blogger.

You're all invited.

I am celebrating the Mass and leading them through their marriage vows.

More information at Gerald's blog.
Click HERE for it.

December 05, 2006

"A Diary of a Prickly Papal Visit"

From one secular newspaper.

Click HERE for it.

24 / 7

Last night, Monday, I ate at the "Soup Plantation" restaurant.

The cashier noticed my Roman collar.

She asked me, "Are you a minister?"

I answered, "Catholic priest."

She asked, "Where is your church?"

I said, "It's St. Therese on the corner of College and Navajo."

She asked, "Are you a priest on Mondays?"

I said, "Everyday."

She: "Really? You don't have a side job?"

I told her, "Yes, everyday. It's a full time job."

- - - -

I didn't explain to her that not only do Catholic priests conduct worship everyday, but that their ministry involves many other things on a daily basis and even round the clock.

It seems to me she believes clergy work as clergy only at Sunday services, and that they sustain themselves by having other employment on weekdays.