February 04, 2007

What happens when you hold a light over the water when you're out on a boat?

I believe the fish think the "shiny thing" might be something to eat.

Check it out.

In this Sunday's Gospel, Luke 5:1-11, the men who fished all night without success then take Christ with them out on the waters, and obey the directions Christ gives them. NOW the fish come.

If we carry Christ with us, and if we obey what Christ tells us, we will be carrying a torch that draws others. As Christ put it, "From now on you will be catching men." Catching them into eternal life.

I've posted a homily for this Sunday's Gospel.
Click HERE for it.


Blogger Fr Ray Blake said...

Father thank you for putting this your blog. It is amazing, it changed my homily today.
I've put a link on my own blog to this.

5:39 AM  
Anonymous New Jersey Lawyer said...

Now THAT is pretty cool!

And to think, I've spent all this time freezing out on the Jersey shore of the Atlantic Ocean with hooks and bait!

5:26 PM  

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