March 19, 2007

. . . and several visitors in the last few days have been looking for my clothes

. . . and have come across the Benedictine monastic fashion review I wrote last year.
Click HERE for it.


Anonymous Loyolalaw98 said...

Padre Stefanos,

I love these old type of graphics. Somewhere in storage I have a print (taken from an old book) I bought at the Paris flea market 20 years ago. It shows the Pope on top, cardinals in a row beneath, bishops below, monsignors below them, priests, etc...

A whole pyramid of clerical fashion, much like one might see the uniforms or insignia of an army displayed. (I should get that page scanned.)

A month or so ago I went on retreat at Mount Angel Abbey near Salem, Oregon. Wow! What a place. I didn't realize that there were monasteries of that size in the USA. Anyways, on Sunday - for mass and for certain prayers - they wore the Cuculla. It is quite a "forceful" garment - if that's not a misplaced adjective.

While I find the regular benedictine habit evokes simplicity, the cuculla evokes a "gravitas" that if I weren't RC I might find sinister.

Interesting side note. Many, if not most, of the younger monks at Mount Angel wore a version of the Benedictine habit with a hood that could be used - and they did as it was fairly cold when I was there. Someone mentioned that many of the jung volk up there are "h*ll bent" on returning to tradition.

What a lovely wind seems to be blowing in the Church!

10:25 AM  
Blogger Father Stephanos, O.S.B. said...

I wear my hood up when I'm outdoors and cold.

There is only one situation where we ritually put our hoods up onto our heads. At the conclusion of the Funeral Mass of a monk, we pick up the coffin and as we leave the church for the cemetery we put our hoods up. We wear the hoods up as we walk in procession to the cemetery, and as we enter the cemetery gate we put our hoods back down.

1:04 PM  

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