March 21, 2007

Deeply Contradicting the Catholic Faith with a Rohr

In the first chapter of his book, “Adam's Return,” Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M., asserts:
Incarnation is already redemption, and you do not need any blood sacrifice to display God's commitment to humanity. Once God says yes to flesh, then flesh is no longer bad but the very hiding and revealing place of God.
Are the death and resurrection of Christ not necessary for redemption?

Fr. Bruce Sibley has written a critique of Fr. Richard Rohr's writings and statements on such matters as the theology of Redemption, original sin, the paternity of God the Father, Rohr’s endorsement of homosexual advocacy, and more.

Fr. Sibley states:
To his detriment, Rohr, in his writings and conferences, gives the impression that Christ is not truly the divine Son of God, whose sufferings redeemed us from our sins, but rather just another guru, prophet, or great moral teacher, who like so many others before Him came to show us the path to self-enlightenment. Constantly quoting Buddha, Joseph Campbell, and Hindu aphorisms, Rohr's syncretistic vision of Christ strips the Incarnate Son of God of His divinity and His uniqueness as mankind's only Savior.
The complete text of Fr. Sibley’s critique, “The Fr. Richard Rohr Phenomenon,” is online.
Click HERE for it.


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