March 27, 2007

DVDs from the Vatican

"Benedict XVI: The Keys of the Kingdom," which documents the papal transition in 2005.

"John Paul II: The Pope Who Made History," which offers a chronological view of the late pope's life in a five-disc collection.

"John Paul II: His Life, His Pontificate," which condenses his life and papacy onto one disc.

"John Paul II: This Is My Story," which features the late pope narrating the most significant events of his life.

"John Paul II: Seasons of the Apostle," which follows the pope's bold initiatives and courageous mission that never waned over the years even during his illness.

"The Vatican: Behind the Scenes of the World's Smallest Kingdom," which shows the day-to-day life behind the city's walls.

"The II Vatican Council" showing special archived footage and interviews with religious leaders explaining the council's reforms.

The Vatican has an official distributor.
Click HERE for it.


Anonymous Panda Rosa said...

The box has a most charming cover; that two men could love one other truly and in the way God would ordain it. John Paul II helped and taught his friend, the man who would be known as Benedict XVI, and we are better for it.

7:59 PM  
Blogger faithemmanuel said...

Thanks- we are thinking of highlighting our Easter with good media and these look perfect. -Faith

8:49 AM  

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