March 08, 2007

Misleading headline, misleading article

The San Diego Union-Tribune and other news sources have published an item today with the following headline.
Judge rejects San Diego diocese request to seal abuse records

The headline would seem to confirm the false rumors that the diocese wants to keep everything secret.

However, information in the actual text of the article adds confusion by seemingly both affirming AND contradicting the notion present in the headline.

Here is one passage where the article seems to contradict the headline.
In court filings, the diocese said it was trying to prevent the release of accusers' names, which it said could be defamatory.
"Claimants should not be forced to make their identities public in order to participate in this reorganization," the diocese argued.

Normally, when a victim (a "claimant" or "accuser") initiates a lawsuit, the due process of law makes the victim's name a matter of public record.

However, since the diocese filed for bankruptcy reorganization status, the presiding judge has now directed that the diocese and the attorneys for the victims are to prepare a method to conceal the names of victims who wish to be anonymous.

Read the headline and article online.
Click HERE for it.


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