April 08, 2007

The Church's ancient Easter prayer hymn at sundown throughout the Easter season

This is a poetic translation of the version Benedictine monasteries have sung for centuries.
Unto the feast spread by the Lamb
We come in robes of white,
And for the Red Sea’s passage sing
To Christ, our King of Might:

Whose Body, offered on the Cross,
As food he deigned to give,
And as our drink his Precious Blood,
That we for God might live:

Protected on Passover Eve
From the destroyer’s blade,
And rescued from the galling chains
That Pharaoh’s fear had made.

Christ is our true Passover Lamb
Whose Blood for sin was shed,
Whose Body, too, was offered up
As pure, unleavened Bread.

O truly worthy Offering,
Who shattered hell’s dark might,
Who brought release to captive souls
And entrance into light.

As Victim from the nether world
And tomb we see Christ rise;
He puts the tyrant into chains,
And opens Paradise.

We ask thee, Author of all things,
Throughout this Easter glee
To guard thy faithful flock, and it
From death’s attack to free.

All glory be to thee, O Lord,
Arisen from the dead,
To Father and the Spirit too
Be thanks forever said.


Blogger DimBulb said...

I love Aquinas' hymns. Any idea who wrote this one?

8:57 AM  
Blogger Father Stephanos, O.S.B. said...

It is one of the earliest of the Ambrosian (Milanese) hymns, 6th century or earlier.

9:17 AM  

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