April 30, 2007

Finally! Thanks to you, this monk's blog is now ahead of an atheistic, anti-religion blog...

... in the category of BEST RELIGION BLOG.
An atheistic, anti-religion blog as "BEST Religion Blog"?
Yeah. Go figure!

Now, let's see if Catholics can get the atheist blog knocked down off the second page as well. To do that we'll need to vote for the other Catholic blogs running behind the atheist on page two.

You may vote for as many blogs as you want, but only once for each blog.

If you have not voted at all, please do so. I'd appreciate more distance between my blog and that of the atheist.

Sign up for free, and vote for Catholic blogs, especially the ones on the first two pages at least.

May 22 is the last day of voting.
Click HERE for it.


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