April 21, 2007

The girl has no plans to use hormones or surgery to change her appearance...

... but she wants to run for “Prom King,”
wear a tuxedo,
and have a girl in a dress as her date.

The school, the school district, and the state say,
“Yes, good, go ahead!”

Fresno High School, California.

Gender is a now a matter of mind over body.
Mind: good.
Body: bad.

Welcome back, Gnosticism!
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Blogger Maria Cas said...

Wonderful Blog Father! I am a newbie to the blogophere, having created my "art and Spirituality" blog (my own art, my Catholc spirituality). The thought struck me from this story, having encountered simular stories from my own Canadian headlines, that perhaps it is not an issue of mind over body, but mind over matter...as in "If I (you) don't mind, what does it matter?"
Ah, but there's the rub..We havn't been minding much lately have we?
May the Lord have mercy on us all!
God bless - Maria Cas

2:11 PM  

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