April 20, 2007

Hey, Evangelicals! Dominus vobiscum!

"We Need a Pope" says Evangelical scholar....

"Reopen Sola Fide Debate" says Christianity Today....

"Evangelicals Should Make the Sign of the Cross" says Calvinist commentator....

Evangelical blogger: "The Debt We Owe to Catholics"....

Chicago Tribune: "Evangelicals Learning to Pray the Daily Office"
Click HERE for it.


Anonymous E. George said...

(Chorus, liturgical droning. Prolonged eerie organ note.)
"Evangelicals, we are Catholics. 'Sola Fide' is irrelevant. 'Sola Scriptura' is irrelevant. You will be assimilated. We will add your spiritual and homiletic distinctiveness to our own. You will adapt to service the Pope."

11:18 AM  

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