April 09, 2007

"In Italy, Pope Benedict is making a huge splash."

That’s what Fr. John Zuhlsdorf says.
In Italy, Pope Benedict is making a huge splash.
Since he was elected, the left-wing has gone nearly insane with confusion and rage.
The main-stream press is waging a bitter campaign against him and the Church.
The problem is that he is hugely popular especially among young people who are beginning to ask questions of their teachers and others about things they are not supposed to question (the left-wing agenda).
Since the education system in Italy has been run by Communists for decades, this question asking trend is a very bad development.
And… it is the Pope’s fault!
If John Paul captured the imagination of young people and drew them in, they are now listening to Benedict with rapt attention.
He is the only great public figure saying anything new or that makes sense.
While the secularists are all shrieking about "thinking outside the box", the Pope is the only one really doing it.

Benedict XVI is handling a great number of very difficult issues both in Italy itself, in larger Europe, and within the Church.
There is huge tension now because he just isn’t doing what every splinter group thinks he ought to be doing.
Instead the Pope is being the Pope.
Fr. John Zuhlsdorf writes his blog from Rome.
Click HERE for it.


Anonymous Cory said...

I have a friend who made an observation not too long ago that "John Paul brought the youth into the Church. Now Benedict will teach them." Seems as though he's right on the money...

God Bless the Pope!

4:03 PM  

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