April 21, 2007

"motu proprio"

That is the name for a category of papal decree using the words motu proprio, literally, “moved by his own”.

The Latin expression indicates that the pope personally decided on the document’s stipulations, and that he was motivated or moved by his own reasoning in doing so.

The Holy Father has apparently prepared a motu proprio that would give all priests permission to celebrate the Latin Mass according to the usages just prior to Vatican Council II. He has not clarified when he would issue that document.

The backlog of blogging concerning this motu proprio has been so dense that the Catholic blogworld is now constipated, and thus incapable of a motu proprio.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, will the abbey be offering mass in latin soon?

11:42 AM  
Blogger Father Stephanos, O.S.B. said...

We already use Latin chant in the post-Vatican-II Mass, though the rest of our Mass is in English.

It has always been permissible for us to celebrate the post-Vatican-II Mass entirely in Latin, though we have never done that.

On several of the solemnities of the year we continue to chant Vespers in Latin.

12:16 PM  
Blogger beez said...

I have noticed a lot of chatter on the Cathblogs about the motu proprio. I wonder, as I know many do, how exactly it will be worded (assuming it comes out. The chatter started in 2006 and Holy Thursday was mentioned both years. Now the talk is May 5.)

A couple years ago, I would have been all for this. Now, I trust that the Holy Father will do what is right and best for the Church.

I do tend to hope that it's not just a "wholesale" grant of permission, but rather an alternative that still allows the local prelate some say in what happens as far as the Mass of Pius V being celebrated.

Too many lay people tend to forget that the priests have promised obedience to the Bishop. I don't want to see priests thumbing their noses at their Bishops, even if those are Bishops who are a little more, um, "flexible" on doctrine.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Father Stephanos, O.S.B. said...

The so-called “Tridentine” Roman Missal lasted only thirty-four years.

Between the Council of Trent (December 1545 to December, 1563) and the Second Vatican Council (October 1962 to December 1965), there have been SEVEN editions of the Roman Missal. Seven, and each one being a novus ordo! Each version introduced changes to the Mass.

Following the Council of Trent, the Missal the Holy See gave us (Pope Pius V, 14 July 1570) was not a mere codification of the Mass as celebrated up to that point in history. Rather, that Missal was a "next stage" or novus ordo in the history of the celebration of the Mass. The 1570 Missal itself introduced changes into the celebration of the Mass.

Here are the promulgations of the seven editions or changes of the Roman Missal from after Trent to before Vatican II.

= = =
14 July 1570 by Pope Pius V

7 July 1604 by Pope Clement VIII

2 September 1634 by Pope Urban VIII

1884 by Pope Leo XIII

25 July 1920 by Pope Benedict XV

Pope Pius XII (March 1939 to October 1958) promulgated several changes.

11 April 1962 by Pope John XXIII
= = =

Some of those changes were minor, and some were major. However, none were as great as the changes that came later, after the Second Vatican Council.

3:04 PM  

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