April 09, 2007

A strange and illegal anti-burial

From an obituary published in the Los Angeles Times yesterday, April 4, 2007

"Larry's ashes will be unceremoniously sprinkled from the pockets of his loved ones on the rocks of the San Pedro Ports O' Call Village some time in the near future."


Blogger Histor the Wise said...

Frank Herbert (yes, the science fiction dude) once wrote that you can tell a lot of a society by how they bury their dead.

We are stupid idiots.

10:38 PM  
Blogger Father Stephanos, O.S.B. said...

My guess is that the guy's family knows that what they want to do is illegal.
So they're not announcing the date or time.
They'll just drop his ashes from their pants.
Like a seagull pooping on the same rocks.

10:57 PM  

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