September 11, 2010

Again: I thank those who have helped my monastery.

Besides helping us simply to be a monastery, donations also help us serve the needs of others.

We maintain a retreathouse for guests who wish to spend some days of prayer here at the monastery.

Volunteers who work at our monastery collect and provide food for distribution to the poor.

We also assist financially and administratively a multifaceted organization, "The Brother Benno Center" (named for one of our monks who helped the poor for most of his life). The Center provides daily cooked meals, emergency shelter, and other forms of help to the poor and homeless.

We send funds to assist monasteries in less well-off parts of the world.

We also support financially the international Benedictine university in Rome.

We would be grateful for any donation you make. If you click on the "DONATE" button below, it will allow you to use either your credit card or PayPal.