September 14, 2007

Faith and Reason, Heart and Mind, Life and Thought

... there is need for a formation capable of integrating
faith and reason,
heart and mind,
life and thought.

A life devoted to following Christ
calls for an integration of one’s entire personality.

Neglect of the intellectual dimension
can give rise all too easily
to a kind of superficial piety
nourished mostly by emotions and sentiments,
which cannot be sustained over a lifetime.

Neglect of the spiritual dimension, in turn,
can create a rarified rationalism which,
in its coldness and detachment,
can never bring about
an enthusiastic self-surrender to God.

A life devoted to following Christ
cannot be built on such one-sided foundations;
half measures leave a person unhappy
and, consequently,
also spiritually barren.

Pope Benedict XVI
At Heiligen Kreuz Abbey, Austria
9 September 2007


Blogger Rachel Gray said...

That's a great excerpt; I feel like printing it out. :) God bless our Holy Father!

6:08 AM  

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