October 31, 2007

An ancient hymn for evening prayer on the solemnity of all the saints

Pray this one before going out this evening!

O Christ, Redeemer of us all,
preserve your servants here.
You are appeased by holy prayers
of your own Mother dear.

You angels, hosts of spirits pure,
around your mighty King,
us through all evils present, past
and future safely bring.

O prophets of the world’s just judge,
the Lord’s apostles true,
that by your prayers we may be saved
we humbly ask of you.

O martyrs, victims to our God,
confessors, world renowned,
obtain for us the grace that we
one day with you be crowned.

Vast choirs of spotless virgin souls,
and monks in tightened ranks,
make us companions with the saints
of Christ, and reap our thanks.

Drive far away all faithlessness
that faithful we may live,
so we may sing most fitting praise
and thanks to Christ may give.

All glory to the Father and
his sole-begotten Son,
and to the Spirit Advocate
now and forever One.


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