December 08, 2007

Mary-- immaculate-- unstained by original sin from the first moment of her existence

(A chart of my study notes)

the worldly impossibility of
a virgin body being a mother bodily


the worldly impossibility of sinful humanity embodying the
Unam Sanctam Ecclesiam Matrem et Magistram
(One Holy Church, Mother and Teacher)
that, furthermore, also embodies the
Sacrosanctum Corpus Filii Divini
(the Most Sacred Body of the Divine Son)


the worldly impossibility of
sinners being sons and daughters of God
--were it not for Baptism,
for nothing is impossible with God


Anonymous Bob Farrell said...

Have you seen any of Steven Ray's video series "The Footprints of God"? His episode on Mary is a wonderfully effective primer on the Church's Marianology.

11:09 AM  

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