December 14, 2007

The party pooper, the party boy, the gluttons, the drunkards, the tax collectors, and the sinners

My homily for Friday of the second week of Advent....
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December 12, 2007

The Feast of Serpent-Crusher

First reported by the Nahuatl Aztec Juan Diego in his own tongue, an account of the events was then written in the Nahuatl language under the title Nican Mopohua ("Here It Is Told").

The story in Nahuatl is online together with an English translation. Click HERE for it.

Today is the Feast of Coatlaxopeuh,the Serpent-Crusher, and I have posted a homily for the occasion.
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December 11, 2007

Another way to shop that generates donations for Catholic organizations...

... Catholic organizations faithful to the pope and the official teachings of the Catholic Church!
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Online Vatican Bible Commentary!

[From, Rome December 10, 2007]

Clergy Congregation Takes Bible Online

A Web site launched by the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy allows researchers to access Bible verses with exegesis from doctors of the Church or cross reference liturgical texts with commentaries from Church Fathers.

The site at offers six categories in nine languages.

It also gives the option of downloading the site's content.

The nine translations of the Bible, including Hebrew and Greek, can be read side-by-side, as can the Eastern and Latin Codes of Canon Law.
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December 09, 2007

Use the shopping links at and 5 to 10% of sales will be donated to Pro-Life groups has links to the following online merchants.

The merchants will make the donations only if you enter their sites through the links from
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Christ works in our lives with an AX, with a BROOM, and with FIRE

Notions from the Gospel and my homily for today, the Second Sunday of Advent.
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