February 08, 2008


Benedictine sisters score needed funds during Super Bowl

Phoenix (Catholic News Service), February 7, 2008
While the NFL and advertisers used Super Bowl XLII as a chance to further their enterprises and increase profits, some Benedictine sisters in Phoenix used the big game as an opportunity to further the work of the Catholic Church in spreading the Gospel.
By turning their Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery and Retreat Center into an affordable hotel for football fans, the sisters raised much-needed funds for expansion, increased awareness of and promoted religious life, and established vocation and retreat contacts.
"Really, we did it as a fundraiser," said Sister Linda Campbell, prioress of the monastery.
Sister Linda, a season-ticket holder for the Arizona Cardinals, knew football fans would appreciate the 3.5-mile drive from the Phoenix monastery to the Super Bowl's playing field at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.
The sisters opened their 10 retreat rooms— that feature twin beds, a shared bathroom and no TV or phone— to 20 fans, who filled the rooms.
The football fans— who included a blend of New England Patriots and New York Giants fans— got a decent deal on a room and the sisters raised $10,000.
Their income stemmed from lodging fees and raffle tickets for a large, flat-screen TV to be given away Feb. 24.


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