February 08, 2008

Painkillers can relocate your breasts and then remove them.

One of the monks had surgery for his backpain earlier this week.

He's recuperating in bed here in the monastery.

Yesterday I took Holy Communion to him.

Afterwards I asked if he wanted me to bring him anything else or to do anything else for him.

He declined, but began to talk of his recovery regime: extra pillows all over the bed, daily walks with the assistance of a walker, painkiller pills.

I asked what the surgeons did to him, but from what he told me I concluded he was in a drug-induced altered state of mind.

"A discectomy and a mastectomy."

I said, "That can't be."

"The doctor did a discectomy and a mastectomy."

"But, Brother, a mastectomy is the cutting out of breast tissue."

"Well, the doctor said he performed a discectomy and a mastectomy on my back."

"I think you've got the wrong word. I'll check with you tomorrow about what time you would like me to bring Holy Communion to you."

He called my room about an hour later.

"The doctor did a discectomy and a LAMINECTOMY."


Blogger Esther said...

Oh you zany monks! Mahalo Father S. I needed a good laugh today.

7:02 PM  

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