March 18, 2008

Office promoting sainthood cause of Pope John Paul II seeks testimonies in English

[From Catholic News Service, March 18, 2008]

The office in charge of promoting Pope John Paul II's sainthood cause is looking for English speakers who have a story to tell about their meeting with the late pope, their prayers for his intercession or graces received after asking for his help. In a March 17 statement, the Rome diocesan office for the sainthood cause said English submissions to the cause's Web site were seriously falling behind those in Italian, Polish and French. The Web site also has space set aside for testimonials in Spanish and Portuguese. A spokeswoman for the office said: "It does not have to be a miracle or something extraordinary. We would like to hear and share stories about an encounter or a grace received or a hope. This part of the site is very active in other languages, but few English speakers seem to know we have a site and a magazine where they can send these things," she said.
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