April 02, 2008

My monastery has received a letter from the Pope's apostolic nuncio for the United States of America.

The letter asks the contemplative religious communities of the U.S.A. to collaborate spiritually in the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to our land this month.

Here are the pertinent parts of the letter, including the emphases of the nuncio himself.

Peter the Rock upon which the Lord has founded His Church (Matthew 16,18) will be among us in the person of his Successor, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, this coming April 15 to 20.
- - - -
The visit of the Pope should not be a folkloric event, but a blessed occasion for the renewal of the faith, hope and charity of the Church in America: a new youthfulness, a new springtime, a new Pentecost for the Church in the United States.
- - - -
I feel the necessity of asking your valued collaboration and that of your Community:
Please take one of the activities of the Holy Father and make it the object of your adoration, of your prayers, of your consecration, of your suffering and self-offering. Invoke the wind of a new Pentecost on the Church in the USA; the joy of belonging to Christ and His Church, for individuals, for families, for communities; the pastoral creativity needed to bring Jesus Christ to all those who are thirsting for Him. Pray that the visit of the Successor of Peter may bring certainty also to those who have left the Church and constitute a warm and convincing invitation to come home. The Church of Jesus Christ is the Church built on the Rock of Peter.
- - - -
I am deeply convinced that my request is fundamental to the real success of the pastoral journey of the Pope as well as to the spiritual renewal of our beloved Catholic Church in the United States.


Blogger Thursday said...

I think this is excellent advice for all and not just those in consecrated religious life. I find it appropriate that this be posted on today of all days as April second marks the anniversary of the death of John Paul II. I say this is significant because I feel that one of JP II's great legacies he left the church was his extensive evangelization. His cooperation with God's will led to the the seeds of what we have today. I know I am not the only one that felt a deeper urgency for conversion and a deepening of my understanding of Catholicism since his death. I am confident in Benedict XVI's ability to lead the church through this. The church is facing many troubles but much growth too. the pro life movement for example is growing younger as the opposition grows older. As for the pains we take (these days in particular regarding both lukewarm catholics and reactionary schismatics such as the SSPX)I see them as the labor pains before the birth of a new generation one that is striving to better define what it means to be catholic in this world and to have definite truth rather than relative guesses. in other words they have stepped from the all-you-can-eat buffet of nonsense that the world provides and have stepped up to the three course banquet we call the church.

P.S. I tried to get tickets through my local diocese and failed but rest assured I'll be joining with all of you in prayer.


9:09 PM  

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