July 26, 2008

"Laser Monks"!

Our Lady of Spring Bank Abbey, in Sparta, Wisconsin, is a Cistercian Benedictine monastery whose primary income is through their sale of ink and toner cartridges at www.lasermonks.com, coffee at www.BenevolentBlends.com, and products of other religious communities through their various websites(www.MonkEgifts.com and www.MonasteryGiftBaskets.com).

They offer high quality products at reasonable prices.

Much of the profit from their work goes to charitable works throughout the world.

Check them out!


Blogger Dean said...

My family have been using them for about two years, and they are absolutely wonderful! Always friendly and prompt.

I never thought of posting a note like this on my own blog about them, I think I will go do that now... :)

Pax et bonum.


10:24 PM  

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