December 07, 2008


I received the following letter from a woman who attends daily Mass at my monastery. Please read it!

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Dear Monks of Prince of Peace Abbey....

... please pray for local Catholic attorney Chuck LiMandri, the four San Diego firefighters and their families who are fighting for justice, and their new judge and jury.

Chuck represents the four courageous Christian firemen who were ordered against their will to participate in the 2007 San Diego Gay Pride Parade. During that parade they were subjected to numerous offensive "cat calls" and gestures of a sexual nature and were the object of many obscene and lewd acts. Their case for sexual harassment against the City of San Diego is set to proceed to retrial on January 16, 2009.

As the wife of a retired Los Angeles Fired Department fireman and the mother of two active firemen, I attended the first trial in September 2008 in support of my friend Chuck and the four firemen. The jury deadlocked one vote short of victory for the firemen. (I am also very active in this issue in Los Angeles, and have spoken at City Council meetings and Fire Commission meetings about their participation in Gay Pride festivals and parades.)

Chuck says: "This is an important precedent setting case that will undoubtedly impact our constitutional rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. As you are aware, our religious liberty is under attack in this country from atheists, secularists and radical homosexual activists. These four brave firefighters and I need your help to continue this important fight. We have already incurred approximately $1 million in attorneys' fees and costs and the case is far from over."

If you feel called to help the four firemen and Chuck with this critical case, in addition to your prayers, any contribution would be greatly appreciated. A victory in this case will be of great benefit to all, nationwide.

For more information about the Firefighters' Defense Fund and how you can help, please visit Chuck's website at:

You may make a donation on Chuck's website.... Or if you prefer, send a check through the mail. (Internet donors to the Firefighters' Defense Fund will receive an automatic email receipt from Chuck which is sent by the administrator of the fund.)

Chuck is no stranger to the struggle to preserve our religious freedom. He was the lead attorney in the highly successful Mount Soledad Cross case in San Diego. Chuck was present at the Oval Office ceremony in Washington DC when President Bush signed into law a plan to transfer San Diego's Mount Soledad cross to federal control in an effort to avoid its court-ordered removal.

Chuck is also the General Counsel of the National Organization for Marriage/California, which helped spearhead the successful campaign for Prop. 8 (the Protect Marriage Amendment) in California.

Please join Eric and I in helping Chuck preserve our precious liberties, which are at grave risk, especially with your prayers and perhaps donating to this important cause. Also, please share this email with your families, friends and associates.


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