February 25, 2008

Question about the Medal of Saint Benedict

A visitor has forwarded to me a question.
St.Benedict is one of my fave saints.

I have a question.I'm quite bothered. Is my medal authentic?
My medal of St.Benedict isn't the one I saw on the web.
Here St.Benedict is looking towards the right side and he's not holding a cross. On his right hand is a cane (sort of a hook). Left is a big book.
And around there's an inscription can you tell me the meaning.
I saw the original design and the inscription is different too! Mine is gold plated.

First of all, those capital letters at the bottom of your message are abbreviations of Latin words that mean: "St. Benedict Patriarch of Western Monks."

Many artists have designed a medal of St. Benedict. The real front of the medal is the one with the cross and inscriptions, not the side with the image of St. Benedict himself. For that reason the medal is also called the "Cross of St. Benedict."

It does not matter how St. Benedict is portrayed on the back of the medal.

What matters is on the other side of the medal, the one with the cross bearing the letters, "C.S.S.M.L." and, "N.D.S.M.D." This side of the medal also has other letters. All of these letters are initials for the words of prayers.

I've posted an explanation.
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