April 14, 2009

My first homily for the Easter season this year

Normally the superior always presides and preaches at Mass on Easter Sunday.
On Easter Monday, it was my turn.
Click HERE for it.


Anonymous Bob Farrell said...

"We first need the risen Christ to overcome the futility of the work we do in the dark, and tell us what to do about our defeated, empty fishing nets by the light of day.
Before we tell the world, we may need to see a miraculous, overwhelming catch of fish happen only because we have obeyed the strange commands of the risen Christ whom we failed to recognize.
Throughout all of our private encounters with the risen Christ, we must face our repeated failures to recognize his presence in our midst."

I am stealing this. When we go over the Easter Gospels in class, the biggest question is always, "How could they not recognize it was Jesus?"

8:47 AM  
Blogger Father Stephanos, O.S.B. said...

"Stealing"? Eh, Brah, no make li' dat!

I cannot absolve you by blog.

However, I can give you permission. I do so without hesitation.

Happy Easter, Bob!

1:42 PM  

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