November 24, 2009

My Monastery's Artwork

We are again offering artwork by Fr. Gabriel Chavez de la Mora, O.S.B., of Tepeyac Abbey, Mexico, who designed our church and its artwork. Here are images of some of the pieces we are offering in the giftshop at our monastery. [Clicking on the images will allow you to see larger versions of them. However, these versions do not have the full quality of the images that are available for purchase.]

The Last Supper

The Prince of Peace

Detail from The Prince of Peace

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Crucified Lord

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Lord Jesus and St. Joseph

The images are available as prints on canvas stretched and mounted in the same manner as fine oil paintings.

The shop at our monastery makes them available for purchase.

They are also available for purchase online in various sizes and formats: unmounted and unframed canvas prints, framed canvas prints, stretched canvas prints, prints on various types of fine art paper, greetings cards. Click "" to see our online sales gallery.



Our beloved Pope Benedict, on November 21st, in the Sistine Chapel, met with many of the world's leading artists to encourage a more positive spirituality in their work.

Fr. Gabriel Chavez de la Mora, O.S.B., of Tepeyac Abbey, Mexico is already the Picasso of ecclesiatical art. His Church design at Prince of Peace Abbey in Oceanside California perfectly complements its beautiful surroundings with a unique, dramatic, and refreshing aesthetic.

Father Gabriel's artistic work is destined to stand the test of time because of its pure genius and passion of conception.

1:43 AM  

Gratitude and Praise to Father Gabriel Chavez de la Mora, O.S.B. and to all the devoted and hard-working Monks of Prince of Peace Abbey for making "The Jewel on the Hill" a gleaming saphire where all Christian Pilgrims can approach closer to Heaven.

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