December 29, 2009

Two pictures of the Lord Jesus that I found most striking.

Quite different from each other, but both striking nonetheless, each in its own way.

= = = =

This first one is a painting by Carl Bloch.  When I came across it yesterday for the first time I actually gasped.  Christ is shown turned towards the viewer's left, and Christ's right eye is in the shadows-- putting his left eye in the light, but also in the central vertical axis of the painting.

= = = =

Now....  The following image is corny, but striking.

It reminds me that Jesus in the Gospels is preoccupied with speaking constantly about the Father.  I am particularly reminded of the following verse.
I do as the Father has commanded me,
so that the world may know that
Rise, let us go hence.
John 14:31


Anonymous Bob Farrell said...

Great illustration of the transcendent nature of Jesus.

Currently watching a dramatic portrayal of Matthew's Gospel which shows a joyful and exuberant Jesus. Most movies that I've seen have shown Jesus to be somewhat stoic and aloof.

Experiencing Jesus in art can be a provocative and enduring way to garner a better understanding the Christ.

9:35 AM  

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