May 23, 2009

In my monastery, today is the third day of the Ascension...

... and for us tomorrow is the Seventh Sunday of Easter, not "Ascension Sunday."

Here is the homily I preached at Mass today, Saturday of the Sixth Week of Easter.
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May 21, 2009

The Pope has a webpage to Appeal to Youth


VATICAN CITY, MAY 20, 2009 ( The Vatican is set to unveil its newest Web page this week. Called, the site aims to bring the words and messages of Benedict XVI to the youth.

... the idea began with the aim of getting the youth to read the message the Pope addressed to them on the responsible use of new technologies.

... the site allows young people to do many of the things they can do on other sites, but with a twist.
... send virtual cards to friends, cards with an attractive image of the Pope and a quote taken from one of his addresses.

... it offers a "wiki" on Benedict XVI's vision regarding new technologies.

... a third aspect "is the employment of iPhone to receive images of the Pope and his words."

... the page will also link to the Vatican's YouTube channel.

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May 18, 2009

Despite being in California, my monastery chose to stick with celebrating the Ascension on the fortieth day of the Resurrection.

The day to which Scripture testifies.

The pastoral reasons some U.S. bishops have for moving the observance of the Ascension to the Sunday after, that is, to the Seventh Sunday of Easter, don't apply to monks.

I've posted the homily I preached today, Monday of the Sixth Week of Easter.

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